JCS Advisory Council

Members of the Advisory Council represent the community, providing insight and advocacy regarding existing and emerging human service needs. They offer perspective and recommendations that help staff identify opportunities to enhance service delivery and overcome potential challenges to addressing identified needs. Additionally, Advisory Council Members serve as agency ambassadors raising community awareness of the broad array of programs and services.

Advisory Council Members 2023-2024

Karen Oppenheimer, Chair

Holly Venick, Vice Chair

Wendy Berman

Margie Herman

David Carliner

Rachel Hirsch 

Wendy Cohen

Kenneth D. Hornstein

Shoshana Davidoff-Gore

Sandy Kanter

Michael Goldstein 

Erica Moskovitz

Lisa Hackam 

Carol Noel

Andrew Hahn 

Carol Sandler

Debbie Hart 

Stanley E. Weinstein, Ph.D.

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