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Sick of Stress

By Deborah Weksberg, MA, CAS So you’re sick of hearing about how stressed everyone is and you wish people would quit whining and deal with it!  Fact is, your irritability at just hearing the word

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Have We Talked Lately?

By Joan Grayson Cohen, LCSW-C It’s 6:40 a.m. when the alarm goes off. Parents begin their busy and jam-packed day. Children go off to school, hopefully having had breakfast and taking all of their belongings

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Snapshot from Israel: Seniors Count

By Gail Josephson Lipsitz, Public Relations Coordinator Picture this:  An elderly man is sitting on a bench on a street corner at dusk, a white napkin spread across his knees.  On his lap is half

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When a Friend is Ill

By Karen James, LCSW-C You’ve just received the kind of phone call we all dread.  A close friend has been diagnosed with a serious illness.  You’re shocked and shaken.  Maybe you’re thinking, “It can’t be,”

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