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Bring Value to Your Employer

By Ignite Career Center In this tough economy, it’s not only job seekers who need to be updating their resumes and practicing their elevator speeches.  Even those lucky enough to have a job should be prepared for the possibility of joining the

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Sexual Harassment: It’s No Joke

By Ignite Career Center Did you ever notice how, when a man and woman work together, someone inevitably (and jokingly) calls out “sexual harassment” if the man compliments his female assistant’s new haircut, or if the woman supervisor tells her male employee

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My Child, a Bully? No Way.

By Colleen Brady, Health Educator October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  Several weeks ago, the United States Department of Education convened the first ever “Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit,” bringing together public and private sector organizations to develop an informed plan

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When Someone You Know Is Depressed

By Donna Kane, MA Has someone ever confided feelings of depression to you? This is not at all uncommon.  But when those feelings persist and impact a person’s health and well-being, it may be necessary to seek help.   As a concerned friend

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