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A Self-Care Menu to Help You Survive the Winter Blues

By Elizabeth Piper

Ever since quarantine started back in March, I subconsciously feared the winter months that would inevitably return. I think what gave so much of us hope (especially on the east coast) during the beginning of the COVID outbreak was that summer was on its way, and we would, at the very least, be able to spend time outside under the sun. We needed those hot summer days with iced coffee, evening drives with the windows down, socially distanced park picnics that provided much needed in-person human connection.

I suppose much like “normal summers” before COVID, we knew we must fuel up for the winter months – not necessarily with yummy foods like polar bears do, but with vitamin D and good vibes that summer months seem to bring so effortlessly. This summer, it was more important than ever to stock up on mason jars of joy and human connection for the pantry, as all of us were entering into unfamiliar territory.

And so here we are, just moments away from the first day of winter, and I feel like I am at the bottom of a mountain about to begin my incline. So what I thought may be helpful to anyone else out there who, like me, is fearing the winter blues, is a self-care menu that you access in the months ahead.


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