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My Daughter Plays with Trucks, My Son Wears a Tutu

Our preconceived notions of our child’s gender expression whether in clothes, favorite toys, or activities oftentimes align with the stereotypes.  But what do we do, if anything, when our young child is not expressive in the ways we think of as “the norm?”

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The Opposite of Addiction: Connection

Yesterday, I got a call from my Dad’s case manager at his substance use treatment program. When I saw the number pop up on my screen, my heart dropped. Had he relapsed? Was something wrong? Did he have to leave his recovery program?

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Should You Disclose a Disability?

By Andrea Fenwick
When you’re looking for a job, one of the things most people worry about is saying the wrong thing during an interview.  For people with disabilities, it’s even more of a concern wondering what, if anything, they should disclose.

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Therapy: It’s Worth It

By Kim Ureno
“My therapy journey started 9 years ago, after my mother died unexpectedly.” Explore how therapy has helped JCS Health Educator, Kim through countless struggles, the most prominent being her infertility journey. 

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