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Spring into New Work

While the world of work is in transition, how can you stay competitive in your career as the job market opens? Ignite Certified Career Coach, Lizzy Solovey, shares her professional advice.

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Transitioning from School to Work

If you have a child with a diagnosed disability, there are ways to make their transition out of the school system and into the world of work a bit easier. JCS Career Coach, Jamie Leboe, shares her insight.

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When Your Senior Graduates, You Graduate Too

My daughter is about to graduate high school. In many ways it signifies the end of childhood. As parents, we may feel a profound loss of that phase of their lives because that part is ending for us as well. So how do we let go of the loss we feel and instead celebrate the momentous occasion of completing high school?

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When Teens Win, We All Win

Being a teenager is hard. Your body is changing, your emotions are heightened, and the stress of college and impending young adulthood drives you crazy. JCS Health Educator, Jodi Teitelman shares life-changing-lessons she learned during those formative teenage years.

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Our Invisible Heroes

Direct care staff at JCS offers a full-range of support for individuals with varying abilities to live, grow, and work in their communities. These services include teaching life skills, serving as mentors, coaching in the career space, offering personal care, being a friend, and more. Plus, there are opportunities for you to help too.

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Running on Resilience

A surprise of the pandemic is how well many older adults have adapted to the restrictions and confinement. Why? They’ve been through things already. They know how to handle stress. Here are some of those wonderful coping skills and tips that older adults recommend.

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How to Help a Friend in Need

Do you have a friend or family member that is going through a rough time? Would you like to reach out to them but you are not sure how to approach them or when is the best time to do so? JCS Clinical Therapist Ben Barer, LCSW-C, shares tips that can help.

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Healthy Habits for Remote Work

When the COVID pandemic began, the in-office world suddenly had to pivot to an all-remote work environment. We thought it would be temporary and now here we are, many of us are still working from home. If you’re working remotely, here are some tips to better your experience and set yourself up for success.

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Does the Cicada Invasion Have You Buggin?

Maryland is described as an epicenter for the 2021 cicada invasion with billions set to emerge very soon. For many people, the thought of billions of insects coming up from the ground is creating a tremendous amount of anxiety. JCS Therapist, Jen Taylor, shares ways to manage the anxiety you might be experiencing as you prepare for the cicada invasion.

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