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When You Have Concerns About Your Child

By JCS Therapy Services
As we head back to school, it’s normal for parents to worry whether or not their children will get good grades, have friends, or be respectful in class … Consider these tips for communicating your concerns.

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The Power of Five

By Brittni Barcase
“I know I don’t have to be Superwoman.” JCS Health Educator, Brittni Barcase channels her own sense of peace.

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Expressing Grief Beyond Words

By Donna Kane, MA, CT
Grief is an inescapable part of life. Whether it is the death of a family member, friend, teacher, or beloved pet, children will need support when grief strikes.

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In Search of The 25th Hour

By Jacki Post Ashkin, LCSW-C
“There are just not enough hours in the day.” Does this resonate with you? Let’s explore meaningful ways to conquer your day.

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Remember to Lean In

By Brittni Barcase
Follow JCS Health Educator, Brittni Barcase as she recounts her pregnancy journey and the emotions that accompanied.

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Finding Joy

By Allison Wolff
Feeling stuck? Here’s how you can effectively cultivate and discover your “joys” in life.

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