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Older gentleman with his adult daughter

Surviving Sundowning

For some people, dusk can be a favorite time of day. But many people with dementia struggle in the late afternoon or early evening, becoming agitated, anxious, and confused. The condition is called “sundowning.”

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Running on Resilience

By Deborah Schwartz, LCSW-C
A surprise of the pandemic is how well many older adults have adapted to the restrictions and confinement. Why? They’ve been through things already. They know how to handle stress. Here are some of those wonderful coping skills and tips that older adults recommend.

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Don’t Think “Downsize,” Think “Rightsize”

By Mark Pressman  
Whether you ultimately decide to move to a single floor living environment or not, you need to think about how you will address the significant physical limitations imposed by a medical problem, accident or simply increased frailty.

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Meaningful Aging

By Mimi Kraus, LCSW-C
As life expectancy has increased and people began living many years past retirement, the question of how to age successfully and meaningfully became most salient.  

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Two senior friendly females laughing during tea time

Fitting in Later in Life

By Ilene Federman, LCSW-C
The need to fit in never goes away. Over the years, many people depend on significant others to help manage these insecurities, but and when they are no longer here, it’s easy to revert back to old insecurities.

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