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lone teen boy in bedroom looking at cell phone

Reflections on Navigating Life with ADHD

One teen’s ADHD journey awakens a perspective on life by breaking down barriers, finding relief, and experiencing vast emotional growth. They discover that ADHD struggles are not shortcomings but rather invaluable opportunities for personal growth,
and adaptive learning.

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racially and culturally diverse group of teens

Encouraging Tolerance in a Culture of Diversity

We live in a culturally diverse world and yet are children will likely witness or even experience intolerance. How do we encourage our children to learn about others and to respect and appreciate the similarities, as well as the differences among us?

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Mother reassuring nervous child getting on bus

Control, Anxiety, and Outbursts

Kids with anxiety often have issues with control that lead them to feel powerless and compounds their anxiety. The good news is there are steps you can take to help your child learn how to manage anxious feelings and have a greater sense of control.

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circle of children playing on grass

Why Kids Need Therapy During Summer

Summer is usually a time when families are traveling on vacations and children are busy experiencing new adventures at camps. But, if your child has been receiving therapy during the rest of the year, it can be particularly important to maintain that consistency during the summer months.

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