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Communication During Recovery

By Naami Resnick, MS, LGPC, NCC 
For families navigating addiction, it is much harder to access feelings of calm and understanding with those outside the situation. Communicating the open and honest truth is daunting, tainted by the fear of judgement. 

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Let’s Talk About Money – With Teens

By Benjamin Temin
Teenage years and adolescence are a critical stage in a young person’s development where they seek independence but still look to their parents and other role models for guidance and direction.

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If Mom is Good, Baby is Good

By Brittni Barcase
Maternal mental health is extremely important and, unfortunately, not talked about in the “soon-to-be-moms-club” often enough. As a newly pregnant woman I had NO idea what I was up against.

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When Your Senior Graduates, You Graduate Too

By Amy Meyers Steinberg
My daughter is about to graduate high school. In many ways it signifies the end of childhood. As parents, we may feel a profound loss of that phase of their lives because that part is ending for us as well. So how do we let go of the loss we feel and instead celebrate the momentous occasion of completing high school?

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When Teens Win, We All Win

By Jodi Teitelman
Being a teenager is hard. Your body is changing, your emotions are heightened, and the stress of college and impending young adulthood drives you crazy.

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