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Becoming A Beauty Hunter

Beauty hunting involves intentionally looking for and appreciating beauty in simple things we encounter throughout our day to day lives, and it can help improve our mindset and well-being.

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What One Client Taught Me about Embracing Differences

We didn’t see eye to eye at first. There was me, the outgoing and animated therapist, and her, the outspoken, strong-willed woman who came to my office each week with what I first perceived as a journal full of complaints. I soon discovered I was wrong. My new client was trying to show me her world, and once I allowed myself to see it, I learned so much.

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Therapy, Plus

By Tikvah Womack, LCPC 
Therapy is a valuable tool for personal growth and enhancing mental health, but by itself may not bring the overall sense of well-being that people seek.

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The Lasting Impact of Trauma

When someone who has gone through a traumatic event, they may experience “aftershocks” known as stress reactions. The signs and symptoms of a stress reaction can occur right after the event or be delayed by hours, days, weeks or even months.

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Surviving a Loved One’s Suicide

More than 700,000 people die by suicide each year throughout the world. Their friends and loved ones are often left struggling to understand why their loved one’s life ended this way and trying to cope with grief that can be complex and overwhelming.

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