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Sharing Fertility Journeys

Coming forward to give a face to fertility challenges and share our stories brings hope, breaks the stigma surrounding infertility, and offers reassurance that none of us must travel this road alone.

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Creating Empathy when Children are Young

By Susan Kurlander, M. Ed.
Children can feel and learn empathy as early as age 3.  Maybe it’s time that we, as parents and teachers,  and as a society, do more to encourage empathetic behavior by teaching it at home and at school beginning in the pre-school years.

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Learning to be Brave

By Elizabeth Piper
A bravery mission is when you choose to do something that scares you. When you do it, you are choosing to be brave.

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Freshman Depression: Making Sure Your Child is Ready for College

By Ilene Federman, LCSW-C
But how do we know if our kids are emotionally prepared to deal with being away from home?  Academically they should be ready.  After all, their grades, test scores and ability to write a college entrance essay got them to this point.  But it’s not so easy to measure what’s going on emotionally.

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Leveraging LinkedIn

By Ignite Career Center
Today, professional networking has moved online to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. In particular, LinkedIn has opened up a whole new world of building contacts and professional communities globally.

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Coping with Sudden Death

By Donna Kane, MA, CT
All of us live our lives with some fundamental assumptions.  We do this to organize our world and create predictability in our daily lives. 

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The Stigma of Mental Illness

By Ezra Fromowitz, LGSW
For some, the thought of “mental illness” conjures up images of severely dysfunctional people; people that are socially isolated, unpredictable, and even dangerous.

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