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It’s a Scary World

In a scary world where we can’t control everything that happens, one thing we parents can do is to make home a safe haven for our children.  Communication is the best form of reassurance.  And don’t forget to give lots of hugs, no matter how old your child is.

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The Shame of Parent Shaming

By Loren Walsh
Parents have always been known to criticize one another for how they raise their children, but now new technology is giving people opportunities to engage in this behavior publicly.   

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Being Authentically “You”

By Lisa Gorman
To go into a job search feeling that you have to twist yourself around just to conform to what an employer wants is to set yourself up for failure.

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Talking To Your Kids About Hate

By Pamela Stephen, LCPC
Having conversations about hate can be difficult for everyone. Remember to follow your child’s lead and pace. Listen to your child as they talk and ask questions.

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Understanding Employment First

By Victoria Smith-Thompson, MS, BSW
Every working age Marylander with a disability, including those with the most significant disabilities, must have access to opportunities which lead to employment in competitive, integrative settings.

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Keeping Love Alive

By Helene Cooper, LCSW-C
No relationship is perfect, and communication is sometimes challenging, but the potential reward is well worth the effort. 

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