Digital Outreach

In addition to our in-person programs, JCS uses multi-media platforms including videos, podcasts, and social media to raise awareness and provide valuable information about issues affecting individuals and families throughout the lifecycle.

The Mental Well​ is an online community for young adults, created by young adults, who are navigating the highs and lows that accompany their 20s and 30s. We get it – life can be tough and make ya wanna crawl under your weighted blanket for days as you binge-watch Netflix. But we want to empower you to live your best life by taking really good care of your mental health. How? By filling your well with the good stuff.

Watch & Listen

Our growing library of videos, webinars, and podcasts offer useful information on a range of topics including mental health, addiction, caregiving, job seeking, and more.


Brief Bites 
During the pandemic, Jewish Community Services offered a series of brief virtual programs about matters on your mind. Each session was recorded and lasts approximately 15 minutes. We think you’ll find the topics relevant for right now and in the future.

Career Coaches, Certified Resume Writers, and Account Representatives from the Ignite Career Center of JCS, share brief tips to help you succeed in your job search, advance in your career, and work more efficiently.

Valuable information and guidance from JCS professionals. 


Hooked Podcast Banner for Mental Well Site 2020

Hooked is a podcast series featuring real people sharing personal stories about the impact that addiction has had on their lives and the lives of people they love.  Produced by the JCS Prevention & Wellness team, the series is part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about substance use disorders and reduce the stigma which is often a barrier to treatment and recovery. Listen to the series preview now.

Episode 1
Hitting Bottom, Rising Up

Four people in recovery describe what it was like to hit bottom and what it took to claw their way out.

Episode 2
The Struggle of Loved Ones

Loved ones struggle with their own fears, regrets, and hopes for the future.

Episode 3
A Parent’s Heartbreak

Parents share their struggle to find balance between loving and supporting their child without enabling their addiction.

Episode 4
Staying Sober

Three men with long-term recovery talk about their extraordinary turnaround.

Episode 5.1
Women at Risk: Confronting the Opioid Epidemic

Women in recovery explore how their gender may have played a role in their substance use.

Episode 5.2
Women at Risk: Confronting the Opioid Epidemic

Professionals on the frontline of treating substance use disorders describe unique factors that make women vulnerable to addiction and can make recovery a challenge.

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