Building Mental Wealth

Worth Your Investment

By now, most of us realize how important our mental health is to our overall wellbeing. But do you know that emotional strength and resilience are assets we can grow to improve every aspect of our lives? Learn six key pillars (below) for actively building your mental wealth. There’s no better way to invest in yourself.

November 4 & 18, December 2 & 16, January 6 & 20
12:00 – 1:00 pm via Zoom

Facilitated by:
Howard Reznick, LCSAW-C, JCS Senior Manager of Prevention & Wellness
Brittni Barcase, JCS Health Educator


Open to the community. Registration required. $10 per session/$36 for the series


Six Key Pillars for Actively Building Mental Wealth

  1. Mind: Through discussion and mindfulness meditation, dive into  the core of your thoughts and daily internal and external intake to gain a new understanding of how the mind operates.  
  2. Body/Physical: Through chair yoga and other mindfulness exercises, consider the physical aspects of your overall well-being.  
  3. Financial: Financial health often gets overlooked when it comes to thinking about overall well-being, but it is very much connected! Join Ben Temin, Coordinator for Economic Sufficiency at Jewish Community Services, will be joining as a guest speaker for a discussion on financial wellness.  
  4. Heart/Emotion: With a meditation practice and discussion on how to be more attuned to your emotions, connect to your individual heart space and identify what your personal “red flags” are.  
  5. Spiritual/Connection: For many, finding time to keep connected in our day-to-day lives is challenging. Discuss what those challenges are and how you might overcome them; take the space to connect with your own spirit through meditation, movement, and breathing. 
  6. Social/Giving to Others: As humans, giving back is a huge part of our overall well-being. Discuss how to maintain your social well-being in a manner that meets your own personal needs.
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