My How Things Have Changed…

By Heidi Fisher

If you knew me, you would know that I like everything in its place. My kids will say Im a bit obsessive about the house being tidy & organized. I will tell you, that Im almost 59 and I cant find a darn thing if I dont put it back in the same place.

I’m constantly on my family to put their stuff away. I might even say there have been one or more arguments starting with the words, Just put your stuff awayand ending with words that were all not proud of. Who would have thought it would take a pandemic to really put things in perspective? 

My son is home from college and his room is a sea of clothes on the floor. I dont even think there is a clear distinction between which are dirty, and which are clean. Maybe during Passover, I can raise my imaginary staff and the clothes will part like the Red Sea, so I will know the difference. But does the mess really matter? Nope, not really… my son is home and I can see every day that hes safe.  

In our house, weve adopted the Stop, Drop and Stroll rule. Heres how it works… when something new enters our home… you must stop, drop it and stroll away from the object (and wash your hands, of course). Therefore, UPS packages, Trader Joes bags, plastic bags are thrown just about anywhere on the dining room floor…cast away until the recommended quarantined time has passed (plastic – 3 days, boxes 24 hours and so on).  

Food, toilet paper and other essential supplies which started in the storage room, have overflowed to the dining room now, but who really cares where they go. Were happy to have the extra TP and snacks. 

And the whole eating only healthy thing? Im embarrassed to admit, it has pretty much gone down Sweet Tooth Alley. We are all craving comfort foods. Oh well. 

So, in the midst of all of the serious stuff going on right now, Im really not sweating the small stuff. Im actually staying up a little later, over-looking the dishes in the sink at times, having a happy hour or two and really, really enjoying my walks outside. I hope, during this time that is really testing us, you can let up a little too. 

Several of my JCS colleagues recently recorded programs that address many of the situations and emotions that this time of uncertainty can bring. They provide so many useful tips to help us get through this trying time. You can find the programs here, theyre extremely helpful.

Speaking of co-workers. I really miss mine. I knew I always liked them at work, but its nice to know I miss them now. (Im working from home, so I really miss my office computer, too!) Take care everyone. 

Heidi Fisher is a former Communications Specialists at JCS. 

JCS is a comprehensive human services organization providing a broad range of services that meet the diverse, multi-dimensional needs of individuals and families throughout Central Maryland. To learn more, visit jcsbalt.org or call 410-466-9200.  

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