Life sometimes throws us financial challenges.
Our staff work with each individual to identify their specific needs, develop a plan, and facilitate connections to valuable resources.

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My Contact with A Tracer

By M.E. Fine   I recently interviewed former JCS client, Serena (not her real name), who was hired this summer as a COVID-19 Contact Tracer with Baltimore County. Serena graciously shared insights about this important community service and provided general information regarding working remotely.  Can you describe what a Contact

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Admitting a Mistake May Be a Prudent Career Move 

By Sherri Sacks   It happens to everyone at some point.  You realize you have made a huge mistake at your job. We can all relate to that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach.  You start scrambling to fix it, and you think, “Maybe I can correct it without my boss ever knowing. Should I speak up and admit my mistake?”   While it may feel

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What to Do if You are Facing Eviction

By Chauna Brocht, LCSW-C  As the federal moratorium on evictions expired on July 25th, many people in Maryland will be facing potential eviction proceedings. Here is what you need to know if you are in this situation.  Know the facts about eviction in Maryland.  A landlord can’t evict you without

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