Regaining Self-Sufficiency

JCS may be able to provide short-term financial assistance for purposes including preventing hunger, avoiding utility shut-offs, or averting eviction.

Individuals and families receiving assistance benefit from our case management services to ensure they are accessing all available services and resources for regaining stability.

Since planning is critical to overcoming a financial set-back,  you will work closely with a Case Manager who will help you identify factors that may have contributed to your set-back and develop strategies for regaining self-sufficiency. Your Case Manager can also determine your eligibility for public benefits, such as rent, mortgage or utility assistance, food programs, and medical assistance,  as well as help you strengthen budgeting and money management skills, and connect you with other services and resources, both at JCS and other community organizations.

At your first appointment, a JCS professional will assess your comprehensive needs and determine your eligibility for available funds. As part of that process, there are several documents you will need to bring to your first appointment.

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