Grief Services

Our Grief Counselors offer support, guidance, comfort, and hope to children, teens, and adults who have experienced the death of someone significant in their life.

Counseling, support groups, workshops, and experiential programs help people throughout their grief journey, whether immediately after a loss or later in life when grief resurfaces.

Our Mitchell David Center for Hope & Healing  provides specialized programs and resources addressing the needs of children and teens.

Click below for guidance on talking to children about death.

Watch Our Grief Video Programs for Children

Each video ends with a pop-up link to request companion materials.

For more information about  grief services for any age, contact Donna Kane, MA, CT, JCS Grief Clinician at dkane@jcsbaltimore.org or 410-843-7394.

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Featured Resources

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Surviving a Loved One’s Suicide

More than 700,000 people die by suicide each year throughout the world. Their friends and loved ones are often left struggling to understand why their loved one’s life ended this way and trying to cope with grief that can be complex and overwhelming.

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When it Comes to Grief, there are No Winners

Grief is a universal experience that transcends boundaries, cultures, and backgrounds. It’s a complex and deeply personal emotion that we all must face at some point in our lives and it is an emotion that unites us all. But one thing is certain – when it comes to grief, there are no winners.

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