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The pressures facing young people today continue to mount, placing increasing numbers at risk and making them vulnerable to serious problems like substance use and addiction, depression, bullying, anxiety, and unhealthy interpersonal relationships.

Our professional health educators provide engaging, interactive programs that increase awareness about factors that impact emotional, behavior, and physical health while helping children, teens, and young adults develop skills that enhance mental well-being, build resilience, and promote healthy decision making. We offer programs for pre-school through college and beyond – including programs for adults, parents, grandparents, educators and other professionals. 

We continuously develop new programs to address current issues and trends.  Don’t see a topic in our program catalog? We will work with you to design a program that meets your specific needs.

JCS can also provide clinical consultation to schools. We work with directors, teachers, and counselors to address academic, behavioral, social and/or emotional concerns related to one specific student or a group of students. We can also provide guidance and resources to students and families experiencing challenges.

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