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Toxic Positivity

By Shula Levin, LCSW-C
While in theory, “good vibes only” sounds like a lovely sentiment; in reality, it tends to make us feel invalidated. Try these 4 phrases instead.

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Communication During Recovery

By Naami Resnick, MS, LGPC, NCC 
For families navigating addiction, it is much harder to access feelings of calm and understanding with those outside the situation. Communicating the open and honest truth is daunting, tainted by the fear of judgement. 

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Tell the Story

By Christine Cronin, LCSW-C
Consider building the power of telling a good story with your child, who in themselves are living stories! So much happens to them in a day. Every day, we all have stories happening. Teach your child how to share their day through words.   

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