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Common Job Search Questions

Regardless of their background, job seekers often ask similar questions about the job search process. Here are some frequently asked questions and the advice offered by our Ignite Career Coaches.

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How to Feel Prepared for an Interview

There is a simple model that can help you anticipate the questions most likely to be asked during a job interview and help you be prepared to respond so you’ve done some of the “thinking” part of the interview before it even begins.

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Diverse group of people networking

How to Network Like a Pro

Networking is an essential tool for career success in today’s job market. It’s more than just collecting business cards or connecting on social media. These 7 tips can help you building genuine professional relationships to advance in your career.

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How to Avoid Burnout at Work

Studies show that the key to avoiding burnout at work often comes down to identifying the parts of your job you love and making sure you have the opportunity to do those things for even a small percentage of your day.

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