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Insight From Local Business Leaders

Ignite Career Center has put together a panel discussion and Q&A with Baltimore area employers. What has changed about business? How will the post-pandemic professional landscape look? How can you stay ahead of the curve? Sign Up

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Facebook Live with Ignite

Ignite Career Center is going live on JCS’ Facebook page! Join us for an inside look at our in-person and virtual services and programs. Get your questions answered and take action on your career and business goals! Join Us Live

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Back to the Future

By Tova Jaffee, JCS Career Coach  I meet many people in search of employment. It’s my job as a JCS Career Coach. Throughout my career, I have met with clients, who for different reasons, had chosen not to work or did not “need” to work. Some are new to the employment market due to a

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It Pays to be Nice at Work

By Ignite Career Center If you have been in the workplace for any length of time, you might feel it’s a whole lot like high school – the popular seem to advance to the corner office while others look on from their cubicles. That’s not just your sour grapes about popularity; research now backs up

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Overcoming Ageism in the Workplace

By Ignite Career Center I see it all the time. Individuals who dedicate the prime years of their lives to progressing their career, replaced with younger, cheaper and more tech-savvy versions of themselves. Often the experienced employees are let go with only a couple of years to retirement remaining. Highly educated and successful all their

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Five Workplace Resolutions For 2018

By Ignite Career Center Some of us make health and fitness resolutions, others make financial, parenting, or self-improvement resolutions.  Of course, many don’t make resolutions at all!  If you’re the resolution-making type, you might want to include some workplace resolutions for the coming year.         Why don’t you resolve to: 1.  Make and maintain at least

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Where Spinning Starts and Ends

By Tova Jaffee If you’re looking for a job, your job is to sell yourself. When I meet with clients seeking employment, I always ask about their skills, qualifications, strengths and accomplishments. I explain they need to market themselves and include those important points in their resume. I have found that there seems to be

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