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Want To Manifest? Find Your Expanders

By Elizabeth Piper
I remember driving to a soccer game with my Dad, and him guiding me through a visualization exercise which asked me to imagine myself kicking a soccer ball into a net, scoring a goal for my team. “If you see it, Elizabeth, you can achieve it,” he lovingly explained to my 6-year-old self.

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Finding Your Calm Place

By Elyse Nissim, LCSW-C
Ruled by the clock, cell phones, emails, meetings & other such stimulation, we’re incessantly followed & driven by our devices & schedules. JCS Therapist, Elyse Nissim, LCSW-C, shares simple techniques to help you find your quiet place.

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The Power of Poetry

Reading poetry can soothe and inspire, reminding us that language is a powerful tool that can help us find meaning on our challenging path through life.  Poetry can resonate with what we already believe, or it can challenge us to open to other ways of looking at life and our experience of it.

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