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Reflections on Navigating Life with ADHD

One teen’s ADHD journey awakens a perspective on life by breaking down barriers, finding relief, and experiencing vast emotional growth. They discover that ADHD struggles are not shortcomings but rather invaluable opportunities for personal growth,
and adaptive learning.

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Expressing Grief Beyond Words

By Donna Kane, MA, CT
Grief is an inescapable part of life. Whether it is the death of a family member, friend, teacher, or beloved pet, children will need support when grief strikes.

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When Your Senior Graduates, You Graduate Too

By Amy Meyers Steinberg
My daughter is about to graduate high school. In many ways it signifies the end of childhood. As parents, we may feel a profound loss of that phase of their lives because that part is ending for us as well. So how do we let go of the loss we feel and instead celebrate the momentous occasion of completing high school?

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