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Staying Well-Balanced During Vacation

By Yaffa Novograd

Who doesn’t enjoy the long summer days full of sunshine? Whether you are someone who takes a short vacation break from work or have all summer off from school, recognize that you might find it challenging to navigate the shift in your regular routine. Whichever way you choose to spend your days, whether with a vacation plan or simply savoring the free time, it is important to continue doing three things during your downtime to maintain your emotional well-being.

  • Nourish your body. Not at the office and waiting around for that lunch break? It can be difficult to stick to eating nourishing meals when your routine changes. Make sure to include 3 healthy meals in your daily schedule. Use your extra free time to try out those delicious looking recipes you saved or grab a picnic basket and blanket for a lovely meal outdoors. Take advantage of the fresh fruit and vegetables available during this season and remember to hydrate often with a refreshing glass of water or lemonade.
  • Stay active. Regular movement has been shown to not only to keep your body healthy but your mind also. Try to incorporate some form of movement daily while on vacation. Now that the warm weather is upon us, you can finally get active outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and benefit from an increase in Vitamin D. You might enjoy exploring outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, walking, or consider trying a new sport.
  • Socialize. As social beings, feeling connected to those around us is important to our wellbeing. Use your free time to hang out with family, catch up with old friends, connect with your neighbors, or take the opportunity to meet new people. You can create new friendships and experiences by signing up for a class, joining a support group, or volunteering for a cause that is meaningful to you.

Having the time to take things more slowly is a wonderful way to recalibrate and prepare for future success at work or school. Prioritizing your physical and emotional needs while on break will help you maintain your well-being and aid you in feeling ready for productive workdays ahead.

Yaffa Novograd

Yaffa Novograd is pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University.

Jewish Community Services (JCS) provides programs and services for people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them achieve their goals, enhance their wellbeing, and maximize their independence.  To learn more, visit jcsbalt.org or 410-466-9200.

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