Jewish Community Food Fund

The Jewish Community Food Fund (JCFF), a program of Jewish Community Services (JCS), is dedicated to fighting and preventing hunger in the Baltimore Jewish community. The Jewish Community Food Fund is supported by monetary donations from caring community members, which are used to provide individuals and families facing economic hardship with grocery store cards for use at local food markets. The store cards give families the dignity of shopping for themselves and choosing the foods they need, including perishable products such as milk and eggs. Additionally, JCS staff work with each person, providing vital services and resources for regaining self-sufficiency.

Food insecurity is a growing epidemic among people of all ages across the country and in our Baltimore Jewish community, having a devastating impact on physical and emotional health. Children from food insecure families have more illnesses and are 30% more likely to be hospitalized. They also have less energy, struggle in school, and experience higher rates of anxiety and depression. Food-insecure older adults are 53% more likely to have a heart attack, twice as likely to develop asthma and five times more likely to suffer from depression.

Your contribution to the Jewish Community Food Fund helps improve the health and wellbeing of a friend and neighbor struggling against hunger, giving them renewed hope and peace of mind.

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