3 Reasons to Renew the Art of Self-Expression

JCS thanks North Oaks for sharing this information.

By Sue Chrissley, Executive Director, North Oaks
Guest Blogger for JCS


Renewing the art of self-expression can do wonders for your mind, body and spirit.

  1. Your Mind Matters

Creating art requires intense focus, which borders on meditation for many artists. When you’re focused on creating, you’re able to let go of your troubles and simply relax. Not only can art promote inner peace, it’s wonderful mental exercise! And, art activities have the potential to delay memory impairment. Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that individuals who regularly participate in mentally demanding activities such as art are less likely to develop dementia.

  1. Your Body Benefits

Art therapy has been used for decades to offer relief for everything from post-traumatic stress syndrome to cancer. Working with your hands improves hand-eye coordination. Even carrying supplies to your workstation can boost your muscle strength and balance, therefore reducing the risk of falls and fractures. In fact, a study by the George Washington University Center on Health, Aging, and Humanities verified that people who participated in senior community-based art programs reported fewer falls than those who didn’t.

  1. Your Spirit is Supported

Losing yourself in art can be a way to discover your interests and passions. Enjoying art in a class or workroom setting can enhance your social life, too. When you and your neighbors gather to create, you’ll not only inspire each other, but you’ll have hours of fun. You may even find that the nonjudgmental support of your peers benefits your self-esteem.

Want to learn how to sculpt—or gain a greater appreciation for art history? Your community or a local organization may sponsor classes or trips to area museums, concerts, or the theater to boost your inspiration! Investigate the clubs or activities you could get involved with. With the new year approaching, it is a good time to think about how self-expression can renew your sense of well-being!


North Oaks is a full-service senior retirement community that has been the home of active, independent seniors in the Pikesville/Owings Mills area for over 25 years.  Visit https://northoakslcs.com or call 410.921.2742 for more information.

Sue Chrissley is Executive Director of North Oaks.

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