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Coming Out on the Other Side

By Sharmaine Palmer, RN
When COVID came along, we had to change the way in which we did almost everything – from providing virtual care to advocating with doctors to shopping for necessities, even walking dogs.

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Checking in with Children during COVID

By Shula Levin, LCSW-C
Feeling stressed is not something experienced solely by adults; children have myriad responsibilities, pressures, and expectations that induce stress, and this past year, with the additional challenges of COVID, checking in with your child is more important than ever.

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More Than a Team

By Tinu Ogunkoya
To Direct Care professionals, there are no disabilities, just differing abilities. To us, working with this population is our calling. We take the time to build and sustain relationships. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the same opportunities that are open to other community members; that is, the ability and support to live a dignified lifestyle, with opportunities for growth, friendship, recreation, and choice.

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Returning to Life After COVID

By Mimi Kraus, LCSW-C
Even with an end in sight, COVID has taken a toll on many of us. We have all experienced some degree of anxiety and some of us have been traumatized by the constant warnings of risk to life. How do we now begin to return to our lives and do the things we were warned to forego for so long?

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These Are Not Normal Times

By Brittni Barcase
If you told me I was going to become a mom and just barely start to get my “groove” back, to have everything come to an abrupt halt because of a global pandemic, I would have laughed HARD in your face. My world shifted and I had to shift along with it.

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