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These Are Not Normal Times

Written By Brittni Barcase

No one can prepare you for the loneliness that accompanies motherhood. It can be extremely isolating. One minute you are a single person in the world and the next minute you are expected to keep a teeny tiny human fed and alive – without a user’s guide or manual.

If you told me I was going to become a mom and just barely start to get my “groove” back, to have everything come to an abrupt halt because of a global pandemic, I would have laughed HARD in your face. To put it in perspective for you, I haven’t stepped foot inside of a store, my office, or anywhere since March 15th, 2020. My office plants, I’m sure, are dead since I haven’t seen them or watered them in ten months. We get our groceries delivered weekly and my “outings” are now drive-thru runs twice a week for a coffee or a large coke and some french-fries (happiness, people).

In many ways, life became simple. The clutter that filled my world melted away and the only things left were my family and my work. I never really wore make-up before the pandemic but now I definitely don’t (unless I have a zoom meeting, of course) and I couldn’t even tell you the last time I put “real” clothes on.

My world shifted, without me, and I had to play catch up to shift along with it.


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