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Discovering Your Path

By Jamie Leboe 
Now with a service called Discovery, individuals who have diagnosed developmental disabilities and receive DDA funding can do just that, discover what their interests and abilities are and how they align with a great job.

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Our Invisible Heroes

By Tinu Ogunkoya
Direct care staff at JCS offer a full-range of support for individuals with varying abilities. These women and men are the invisible heroes.

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More Than a Team

By Tinu Ogunkoya
To Direct Care professionals, there are no disabilities, just differing abilities. To us, working with this population is our calling. We take the time to build and sustain relationships. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the same opportunities that are open to other community members; that is, the ability and support to live a dignified lifestyle, with opportunities for growth, friendship, recreation, and choice.

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Gears showing parts of internship

My JCS IAP Internship Experience

By Callie Krosin
This year, I had the chance to participate in the JCS Inclusion Awareness Project.  I joined two other teens to learn the role of a Job Coach, aligned myself with individuals who have diagnosed disabilities, and saw how JCS helps people with disabilities find jobs.  

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