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Ignite with Ignite

By the Ignite Career Center of JCS
While many of us hoped turning the corner into 2021 would magically fix the problems caused by the 2020 pandemic, people are still battling unemployment.

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Is This Company a Good Fit for Me?

By Benjamin Temin
As job seekers, we are constantly evaluating ourselves. As much as the companies we pursue are evaluating us, we must in turn evaluate them. Part of this reverse evaluation is identifying the company’s culture and asking ourselves – is this company a good fit for me? 

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My Contact with A Tracer

By M.E. Fine
A former JCS client who was hired as a COVID Contact Tracer with Baltimore County graciously shared insights about this important community service.

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5 Tips for a More Productive Workday

By Lisa Cohn, PHR
In this brand new and ever-changing world, being able to effectively manage your time and tasks is more important than ever to make sure your workday is as productive as possible. Here are five strategies that can help you take control and accomplish more. 

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