“The Room Where It Happens” for Job Seekers and Employers

By JCS Staff

Fans of the Broadway hit Hamilton know all about “the room where it happens.”   Historians say Alexander Hamilton asked Thomas Jefferson to help him get his financial plan through Congress. Jefferson agreed and invited Hamilton to dinner along with James Madison to hammer out an agreement.   The result:  a deal at the dinner table — in the room where it happens.

Baltimore’s version of “the room” is connected to what the JCS Career Center offers both job seekers and employers.

Last week “the room where it happens” was at the JCS Strictly Business Networking and Awards Breakfast.   Well over 300 Maryland business leaders gathered to network, listen to inspiring keynote speakers, and learn more about the various services JCS can provide employers and businesses through the JCS Career Center and other programs of our agency.

It was immediately apparent that the Strictly Business version of “the room where it happens” exceeded all expectations.  Within 24 hours of the event, a local business owner contracted with one of our Employer Partnership Award winners after learning what services their company provides.  Several businesses submitted open positions to the JCS Career Center, seeking our help in recruiting the right candidates for their jobs.  And one employer commented that he was sold on having the JCS Career Center help him with his recruiting and hiring after hearing at the breakfast that the JCS staff work hard to find applicants who not only have the necessary skills for a position, but who fit the culture of a specific company.

Now, “the room” or more accurately “rooms” are the offices of the JCS Career Coaches.  That’s where clients who are looking for jobs and career opportunities are meeting one-on-one with their coaches to set goals, find positions that fit their skills and experience and acquire tools and strategies to edge out the competition.

In the future “the rooms” are in businesses that span all industries as prospective employers interview JCS Career Center clients.  JCS brought them together in “the room where it happens.”  The perfect ending? The client gets the job and the company gets a highly qualified new employee.

On Broadway, everyone dreams of being in “the room.”  Here in Baltimore, the JCS Career Center sets the stage that makes those dreams a reality.

Career Center offers comprehensive employment assistance that helps job seekers of all abilities and skill levels find and maintain employment. Services include career coaching, career assessments, resume and cover letter services, interview preparation, job readiness training, vocational rehabilitation and job placement assistance.



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