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Enhancing Your Life with Nature

By Debra Waranch, LCSW-C

We are finally able to get out of our houses and back into the world. In doing so, it’s wise for each of us to think about how we want to do this and what activities and routines we would like to add to our repertoire. 

Appreciating, engaging with, and surrounding ourselves with nature will enhance our lives exponentially. Research tells us that being in nature can reduce our stress and improve our mood. It can aid our physical reactions, reduce our heart rate, decrease the tension in our bodies, and lessen our stress hormones.  

Being in nature; changing our environments; feeling the sun, wind, air on our skin; and giving our vision beautiful new sights can restore us. Even a cloudy day can be restorative. It allows our minds to look elsewhere, settle, relax, and renew, gaining a new perspective. Seeing green, trees, hearing buzzing bees, singing birds, smelling the world, has been shown to bring a regrowth to our mind and body. When we are out in nature, we feel a new connection of self; we can reflect on our changing circumstances and gain greater awareness of self and our world.   

As you consider going back into the world, remember that nature can: 

  • Reduce your stress 
  • Offer a place to breathe and reconnect 
  • Allow your mind and body to slow down 
  • Improve your focus, creativity, and growth 
  • Promote well-being and tranquility  
  • Provide social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and self-connection 
  • Elevate your mood 
  • Give you a new perspective  

Try it! Being in nature is a gift we can give ourselves. 


Debra K. WaranchDebra Waranch, LCSW-C is a Clinical Social Worker at Jewish Community Services 

JCS is a comprehensive human services organization providing a broad range of services that meet the diverse, multi-dimensional needs of individuals and families throughout Central Maryland. To learn more, visit jcsbalt.org  or 410-466-9200.

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