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A Motherless Mother’s Day

By Kim Ureno
My mother died when I was 29. She wasn’t sick, and while it was sudden it also wasn’t a huge surprise that she died. She just never woke up one day.

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Communication During Recovery

By Naami Resnick, MS, LGPC, NCC 
For families navigating addiction, it is much harder to access feelings of calm and understanding with those outside the situation. Communicating the open and honest truth is daunting, tainted by the fear of judgement. 

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Understanding Recovery

By Naami Resnick, M.S., LGPC, NCC 
In the world of addictions, recovery is the healing process and it is an ongoing, ever evolving process. It’s more of a verb than a noun, a slow trek back from isolation and disconnection from self, to community, love and hope.

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