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Shake It Out, All Of It

By Brittni Barcase
JCS Health Educator dives into her experience with dynamic meditation and the pivotal realizations she discovered about herself.

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Does the Cicada Invasion Have You Buggin?

By Jen Taylor, LCSW-C
Maryland is described as an epicenter for the 2021 cicada invasion with billions set to emerge very soon. For many people, the thought of billions of insects coming up from the ground is creating a tremendous amount of anxiety.

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From Panic to Peace

By Lauren Steffes
My mother had multiple heart attacks and strokes the week that the pandemic strongly hit the nation, and she passed away after 4 grueling days of our family praying and fighting for her life. The loss couldn’t have come more suddenly and unexpectedly, and the grief hit me harder than I could handle.

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ADHD or Anxiety?

By Ezra Fromowitz, LMSW  
In treating adults with ADHD, I have seen that it is often assumed that it is their ADHD (diagnosed in childhood) which is the sole cause of their distress and difficulty with daily functioning.

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Freshman Depression: Making Sure Your Child is Ready for College

By Ilene Federman, LCSW-C
But how do we know if our kids are emotionally prepared to deal with being away from home?  Academically they should be ready.  After all, their grades, test scores and ability to write a college entrance essay got them to this point.  But it’s not so easy to measure what’s going on emotionally.

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