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Parents: You’ve Got This!

By Shula Levin, LCSW-C
Being a parent is hard enough. Being an employee is hard enough. Being a parent and an employee at the same time, within the same space, is a juggling act that no one signed up for.  

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Is Your Mask Hiding or Protecting?

By Susan Kurlander, M. Ed.
Staying physically safe and healthy needs to be our number one priority, sometimes at the expense of being able to share our emotions, at least through our facial expressions. 

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Tough Topics – Hard Conversations

By Naami Resnick, M.S., LGPC, NCC  
Life has increasingly moved online. We can order groceries online, pay our bills, and text our kids’ teachers. We rarely use cash and actual phone conversations are a novelty. Raising children in an increasingly global, virtual environment is filled with new challenges.

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Colorful cityscape drawing on open book

Tell the Story

By Christine Cronin, LCSW-C
Consider building the power of telling a good story with your child, who in themselves are living stories! So much happens to them in a day. Every day, we all have stories happening. Teach your child how to share their day through words.   

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Creating Empathy when Children are Young

By Susan Kurlander, M. Ed.
Children can feel and learn empathy as early as age 3.  Maybe it’s time that we, as parents and teachers,  and as a society, do more to encourage empathetic behavior by teaching it at home and at school beginning in the pre-school years.

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Grandparenting from Afar

By Karen Nettler, MSW
Even when we’re not on the phone, I have found ways to connect by creating photobooks of their milestones and memories while I’m at home.  This allows me to reflect on all our special times even when we’re not together.

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