Taking Care of Yourself This Season

By Kim Ureno

The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and the air is getting cooler, which means fall is here (and that all the mosquitoes will be going away soon, too). 

Every change of season is a great time to check in with yourself and take inventory of how you’re doing. How are you? How have you been physically? How has your mental health been? How are the relationships in your life making you feel? Asking yourself these questions can help you figure out if you need to make a change, seek advice/help, or see a doctor. 

Here are some ways you take care of yourself this fall.



Kim Ureno is a Health Educator at Jewish Community Services.

Jewish Community Services (JCS) provides programs and services for people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them achieve their goals, enhance their wellbeing, and maximize their independence. To learn more, visit jcsbalt.org or call 410-466-9200.

The Mental Well, an initiative of JCS, is an online community for young adults, created by young adults, who are navigating the highs and lows that accompany their 20s and 30s. To learn more, visit thementalwellblog.org or email thementalwell@jcsbaltimore.org.

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