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Love Yo Self, No Matter What

By Brittni Barcase
Every day I choose to love myself first and foremost. JCS Health educator, Brittni Barcase, talks about practicing self-love and finding that balance in life.

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Finding Your Calm Place

By Elyse Nissim, LCSW-C
Ruled by the clock, cell phones, emails, meetings & other such stimulation, we’re incessantly followed & driven by our devices & schedules. JCS Therapist, Elyse Nissim, LCSW-C, shares simple techniques to help you find your quiet place.

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Does My Child Need a Therapist?

By Stacey Meadows, LCSW-C
What do we do as parents, when we notice that our child’s experience of this world is causing them distress? How do we know when enough is enough, and something needs to be done in order to protect and keep them socially and emotionally healthy? How do we know whether therapy might be beneficial?

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Is Your Mask Hiding or Protecting?

By Susan Kurlander, M. Ed.
Staying physically safe and healthy needs to be our number one priority, sometimes at the expense of being able to share our emotions, at least through our facial expressions. 

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The Stigma of Mental Illness

By Ezra Fromowitz, LGSW
For some, the thought of “mental illness” conjures up images of severely dysfunctional people; people that are socially isolated, unpredictable, and even dangerous.

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