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Covering the Bases with a Cover Letter

By Loren Smalley
Should you include a cover letter with your job application? The answer is YES. So what can you say to stand out from the other applicants? Ignite Career Coach, Loren Smalley shares her expert advice.

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Want To Manifest? Find Your Expanders

By Elizabeth Piper
I remember driving to a soccer game with my Dad, and him guiding me through a visualization exercise which asked me to imagine myself kicking a soccer ball into a net, scoring a goal for my team. “If you see it, Elizabeth, you can achieve it,” he lovingly explained to my 6-year-old self.

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Love Yo Self, No Matter What

By Brittni Barcase
Every day I choose to love myself first and foremost. JCS Health educator, Brittni Barcase, talks about practicing self-love and finding that balance in life.

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